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2017 Fulbright Postgraduate Opportunities

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The Fulbright Postgraduate Scholarship allows postgraduate students undertaking their Australian PhD to conduct a period of research and/or study in the U.S.; OR supports enrolment in a U.S. postgraduate program such as a Masters degree, and goes across all disciplines.

Up to 5 general category Postgraduate scholarships are granted each year, in addition to various sponsored scholarships including some which go across multiple categories - please see below for more details.

Benefits of a Postgraduate Scholarship:

  • Living, travel & establishment allowances for a program of 8-10 months duration
  • ASPE medical insurance of up to A$100,000 (for the Scholar only)
  • National Orientation Program, Showcase Evening & Presentation Dinner
  • Enrichment Seminars in the United States with international Fulbright Scholars
  • Access to a professional network of distinguished U.S. and Australian Fulbright Alumni
  • A support agency in the U.S. that assists with visas, events, and networks
  • Media and publicity support
  • Postgraduate Fulbright Scholarships are valued up to AUD$40,000

Conditions of a General Postgraduate Scholarship:

  • Funding is stipend based and is for a maximum of 10 months. It will be reduced for shorter programs.
  • Funding does not cover tuition fees
  • Recipients need one primary host institution. They can visit other institutions but must spend the majority of their program at their primary institution
  • Applicants must demonstrate they have sufficient additional funds to support themselves and any dependents during their stay in the U.S. (The cost of obtaining a full postgraduate degree from a U.S. university is very high and must be considered carefully)

All postgraduate applicants MUST complete the postgraduate online application form. Please ensure you fill out the correct application form or your application may be ineligible.

All applications are considered in the General category. However, Postgraduate applicants may also be eligible for additional Fulbright scholarship opportunities in a variety of categories listed in boxes below:

  • All Applicants fill out the general application form
  • To be considered for additional opportunities applicants will need to fill out an extra page of information, per the specific instructions for that scholarship opportunity
  • Note: applicants in the creative arts must supply additional material such as novel excerpts, musical examples, portfolios, etc

Please click on the below options for further information on additional Postgraduate scholarship opportunities: 

Postgraduate Indigenous Scholarship Postgraduate State Scholarships Fulbright Anne Wexler Scholarship in Public Policy


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